Ignition Replacement

Ignition Replacement

We offer a mobile ignition replacement service to the general public and motor trade.
more below about how we can assist with ignition lock problems.

  • Key will not turn in the ignition

If your key will not turn in the ignition, we can remove the ignition barrel and disassemble it to find the cause and repair the problem. If repair is not possible we can supply and fit a replacement ignition to your vehicle.

During the summer months air conditioning and high temperatures can cause many ignitions to jam up. This is very common with most Ford GM’s and Chrysler. A jammed focus ignition can be repaired on-site by one of our locksmiths.

  • Key will not go all the way into the ignition

On some makes of vehicle a problem may arise that prevents the key from fully entering the ignition barrel. This is quite common with certain models of Peugeot and prevents the ignition from turning. We can solve this problem with no ignition removal required. If the ignition is beyond repair we are happy to offer an ignition replacement service.


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