Facial & Voice Recognition Access Control Systems

Facial & Voice Recognition Access Control Systems

We have Access Control Systems galore! Technology has made the options feel endless. Facial & Voice Recognition Access Control Systems are a type of biometric access system, designed to make entry simple enough to use and complex enough to deny access of intruders.
Most of these systems can be programmed to grant several users access and entry into their space. They can also be programmed to deny access to specific users and to analyze if there has been any unauthorized activity or attempted entry. We know, pretty cool!
We are aware that there are not very many companies or people that currently have facial and voice recognition access control systems, but it’s good to know they are available to the public. They are a bit more on the costly side of access control systems, but rightly so! They offer a system that is advanced enough to intensify the security solutions for any space.
Whether you are interested in these specific systems, or other access control systems–we’re here to help! What are you waiting for? Contact our office for your free quotation today 416 629 5636 or info@keymaxlocksmith.com.



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