Fireproofed Safes 

Fireproofed Safes 

What do you look for when purchasing a safe? Some people are interested in preventing burglars from accessing the contents, few may want a user-friendly safe, but most people look for a fire resistant safe.

What does that mean? It means, should your house or office burst into flames suddenly then your safe should survive according to the precalculated heat resistance that your particular safe is stated to withstand. The more heat it is designed to defend against, the more expensive the product. Luckily, most safes have recommendations on what should be placed inside. For example, a safe used to guard paper documents would vary from a safe used to guard rifles.
We understand that there is far more to take into consideration when looking for a new safe. This is why our experienced representatives are available to help you make a decision. You can call our office at 416 629 5636 or send us an emailed inquiry at


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