Make Way for the Future — BIOMETRIC LOCKS

Make Way for the Future — BIOMETRIC LOCKS

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys? Are you equally as tired of trying to memorize codes to enter a unit or home, and then have another code to disengage an alarm system? Now technology has advanced so much so that we are able to disengage a lock using a fingerprint–yes, your fingerprint!

It may not be completely unfamiliar as we have seen these access systems in movies and tv-shows. Luckily, these locks do exist and are great locks to provide more security for your space. Some of these locks are so advanced that there is an alarm that will go off if someone tries to break in–talk about security solutions, right? The best part is that these locks can be affordable depending on the brand and style. These locks are available with various features such as a backup keypad code and backup key entry. Some biometric locks only unlock when a fingerprint and code are entered on the keypad; others will open only with the scanning of a fingerprint or hand.
It is important to keep in mind that locks may not recognize fingerprints if there are any scars, burns or cuts on the finger or hand –this may cause the lock to not properly read the print and therefore not disengage the lock. Luckily, there usually are other methods of unlocking the system as a back-up, therefore, you are still granted access.
Technology sure is getting impressive, isn’t it? We love hearing about new locks that are released to the public, especially when they’re priced well. We all deserve good quality and easy to use locks. If you’re interested in changing or upgrading your current locking system, we would love to help make the decision for you easier–and we even do installations! Call us for your free quote today 416 629 5636.


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