Telephone Access Systems

Telephone Access Systems

Access Systems have existed for several years–mainly found in condominiums, apartment buildings, offices, etc. Most of the older buildings and condominiums carry the keypad versions of these access systems; in which you would use the numbers on the pad and the arrows to contact whomever you are trying to reach. In recent years, technology just keeps advancing and now most of these spaces carry touchscreen telephone access systems. They come with the option of either wall mounting systems or systems designed for indoor applications that stand alone. Telephone access systems are capable of storing anywhere from one hundred to over two thousand names and numbers in its directory–that’s pretty amazing!

Access systems, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, are more than just keypads and touchpads–they can have proximity fobs and cards. These fobs and cards are used to access the system and to disengage the lock (basically how almost all condominiums run). This feature adds an extensive amount of security to the building. It ensures that the people that have access to the building had previous authorization. It also enables just anyone from entering thanks to the keypad or touchpad access system. This way the visitor can call the unit they are visiting and will either be granted access or denied access. Sometimes people don’t answer the phone when their visitor calls–it happens! Luckily, most buildings are equipped with 24-hour security and for the most part, they will help you get into contact with the resident.
Whether you are interested in upgrading your current access system or installing a brand new one–Keymax Locksmiths know best! We’re here to answer your inquiries by email at and by phone at 416 629 5636 or 905 597 0443.



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