The Importance Of Locking Your Luggage & The Type of Locks to Use

The Importance Of Locking Your Luggage & The Type of Locks to Use

Are you or someone you know planning to travel anytime soon? Has there been any thought put towards how the luggage will be secured? We encourage all travelers to lock their baggage for two main reasons: to protect their personal belongings and to ensure that nothing they are unaware of is planted in their bags (Yes, this happens).

Now that we have established that you should be locking your luggage–what type of lock should you be using? We do not recommend to use just any lock to put on your bag. TSA officers must have the ability to access luggage should they feel the need arises. This means that if these officers come across luggage that does not have TSA recognized locks–they have the right to cut the lock in order to access the bag.
TSA recognized locks are designed to have a lock that can be opened with the use of a universal master-type key, this way the locks don’t have to be cut and can be re-locked to protect your belongings. These locks are generally sold in various specialty baggage stores as well as supermarkets.
Before your next trip make sure to plan ahead and get yourself a lock that is TSA approved (it will say so on the package). Luckily, there are bags now that are manufactured to have a TSA lock installed on the bag itself–how convenient! If you are still unsure about what is TSA approved or not, send us an email at and our representatives will be more than happy to help.


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