Tubular Locks

Tubular Locks

Tubular Locks are known by different names, such as ace locks, radial locks, and circle pin locks. These locks are commonly seen on coin-operated machines, bicycle locks, and elevators.
They can be simply identified by their round end as opposed to a typical flat ended key–as many of us are used to commonly seeing. There is usually a corresponding code to cut tubular keys to their matching locks. Luckily, people are not generally able to cut tubular keys. Even better news–our locksmiths can cut these keys for you, no problem at all! Whether you own a laundromat and lose the key to open the machines, or you have a tubular key and need a spare key–you can count on our trusty locksmiths!
In the past, we have dealt with broken tubular keys, lost keys, and even keys that won’t budge in the lock. We’re happy to let you know that our locksmiths are able to remove the key, cut you a key from scratch, and cut as many spare keys as you need! Call us today for your free quote at 416 629 5636, or you can send us a picture of your key or lock at info@keymaxlocksmith.com.



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